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Welcome to WestRaven Castle! You have been chosen to represent your Kingdom in this year’s Castle Break Games.

Your task is to complete Quests by collecting Trade Goods, using your Tools & Weapons, and harnessing your Magical Powers.

For each Quest completed, you will be rewarded in coin. Earn 6 Coins, forge them into keys, and unlock the gates to DRAGON’S TOWER. There you will free the dragon and achieve what mere mortals can only dream of – earning the title of this year’s CHAMPION!

But beware; your opponents will attempt to barter, steal, and outwit you at every turn to achieve their aims!

Your Adventure Awaits!

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BoardGameGeek REVIEW

"It was super easy to learn and so much fun! Plenty of strategy but easy enough for my non-gamer friends to enjoy."

- Dessico

BoardGameGeek REVIEW

"Great fun! Good family game and easily played in a short time. Can get cut-throat which adds to the fun!"

- ClemCon

BoardGameGeek REVIEW

"This game is an absolute BLAST. It's easy to learn and very well balanced. A ton of fun. I highly recommend it!"

- Mark_s1


Castle Break Is An Immersive Strategy Game For Warriors Of All Ages

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Thank you so much for supporting this wonderful game so we can bring it to gaming tables across the country, and across the world!

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