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Harnassing Your Powers

Becoming the next Castle Break Champion will be determined by how and when you use your Magical Powers. Playing a more powerful card early in the game may leave you unprotected towards the end. Use your powers wisely, Warriors!

Movement Powers

Maneuver through WestRaven Castle faster and more efficiently with these powers.

Power Cards (1)2.png

The Invisibility Cloak is wonderful to move across the board more quickly. Remember, this DOES NOT count as a Rolling Action.

Power Cards (1)11.png

Use The Wanderer without risking the roll of the die to reach your next destination.

Power Cards (1)3.png

The strongest Movement Power of them all. Use this Power to move to any space on the board, including heading to the Courtyard to retrieve new Quests.

Power Cards (1)4.png

The Ghost Card is not considered very powerful - that is, until you need it! 

Power Cards (1)9.png

Quickly access any of the four Tower Rooms by scaling the walls of WestRaven.

Power Cards (1)8.png

Access the tunnels from any space on the board, quickly moving to any tunnel entrance.

Improvement Powers

These powers will help you complete your Quests and earn coins faster than your opponents.

Power Cards (1)12.png

An incredibly valuable power when you are in need of a new Quest without time to get back to the Courtyard.

Power Cards (1)14.png

Steal one item of your choice from every other player. They DO NOT get a card in return.

Power Cards (1).png

A wonderful power when you are unable to find an item you need. But beware: you may only search one of the discard piles!

Interactive Powers

These powers will slow down other Warriors!

Power Cards (1)13.png

Used both as an offensive and defensive strategy, The Switch is sure to slow your opponent down!

Power Cards (1)10.png

Arguably the strongest power in Castle Break, The Kidnapper allows you to move to any space on the board, taking an opponent with you!

Power Cards (1)6.png

Slow down an opponent by putting them to sleep for a turn while you continue completing your Quests.

Power Cards (1)5.png

Lock up all of your opponents for a full turn. But use this power wisely, as anyone with The Shield can block this action against themselves.

Power Cards (1)7.png

Protect yourself against all powers played against you. The Shield is a wonderful power to save for the end of the game when you may need it most!

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