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The Rising On Carolina Beach

The year was 1366. Three ships full of the toughest warriors ever assembled from known lands set out to conquer new territory.


Their journey took them to an unknown island just off the coast of an undiscovered land. As the island grew closer in their sights, an immeasurable force drew the ships toward them. With no control over their destiny, the ships crashed ashore, leaving them unable to maneuver further.


The coordinates were 34.0352° N, 77.8936° W.

The captains of each ship, still determined for new bounty and treasure, led their warriors inland. As they began to explore and search for plunder, all they could find were signs of death. Old bones, dead animals, and rotting carcases littered the thick brush, as far as the eye could see.

Within moments of this discovery, each warrior began to stumble. They fell to the ground, desperate for breath. But they would find none, and eventually, even the strongest warriors succumbed to the blackness of death.

The account of their plight became a story of legend. No one dared to visit this island for centuries. That is, until settlers from Europe, who had never heard of the tale, rediscovered the island. 

All was quiet there for decades. But in January of 1902, a group of construction workers unearthed a crypt buried 20 feet below the ground. They were astonished at what was written on its gold outer casing:

On The 23rd Day - of the 10th Month - in the 2021st Year,

The Dead Will Rise And Roam The Island, Again.

Sleep lightly, residents of Carolina Beach - For the warriors and the souls who were taken those centuries past will be awakened, and their vengeance will know no bounds.

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Carolina Beach

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